Journals + Workbooks

The two journals (prayer + sermon) are like my babies. My heart and soul have been prayerfully poured into each of these as I spent months on each one, trying to get it juuuuuust right. And now I add to the collection the Gratitude Journal — and I couldn’t be more pleased with it!! (Obsessed, really.) 

I pray that they give you all a little structure during your church and quiet times...and are a precious keepsake to look back and reflect on, too. And for heavens sake, no more stacks of bulletins with sermon notes on them!

The new hand-lettering workbook is AWESOME!!! It's top-bound so that whether youre a righty or a lefty, you can write your heart out and not worry about bumping into a spiral. ;) Whether youre a beginner who needs basic step-by-step instruction or a not-so-newbie who loves to practice lettering, this book is for YOU! :) It's single-sided pages, so grab your favorite thing to write with (even a sharpie!), grab an extra piece of paper to put in between the pages, and get to lettering...without the worry of it bleeding through and ruining the pages behind it. :) 


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