Journals + Notepads + Notecards

The two journals (prayer + sermon) are like my babies. My heart and soul have been prayerfully poured into each of these as I spent months on each one, trying to get it juuuuuust right. 

I pray that they give you all a little structure during your church and quiet times...and are a precious keepsake to look back and reflect on, too. And for heavens sake, no more stacks of bulletins with sermon notes on them!


Notepads + lists are kind of my thing. I LOVE a good notepad...especially those with good paper! So -- here's my version for us all! They're pretty + functional + help me stay organized + bring joy to my soul. 


The thank you cards are the perfect little notecard to drop in the mail to either thank someone for something or just let them know you're thinking about them. Hand-written notes are MY JAM. They bring me so much joy!!! I hope and pray that you guys will use them and bring little bits of joy to other people, too. <3 

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