CHALKBOARD - Back to school

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17x23 chalkboard — everything I draw will be permanent & you can fill it in year after year with a chalk marker! 📚🍎📝❤️🙌🏼  PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY 


You MUST leave this in the comments section! If you are ordering more than one, please make sure you put the below choices next to each name! 


COLOR OPTIONS are as follows: 

1. Standard - red, orange, yellow, lime green, grass green, aqua, royal blue 

2. Girly - pink, purple, yellow, lime green, aqua 

3. All white! 

4. Custom — you pick 2 or 3 and *leave them in the comments* section for me to see! 

***white will be used on all of them to accent! 



1. Bold block (pretty standard! - see Keller) 

2. Simple block (see the all-white Jackson picture shown in samples) 

3. Fancy (the curly, girly one - see Riley, Britten, and June) 


NAME FILLER OPTIONS:  *leave in comments beside name*

1. Stripes

2. Waves

3. Dots   

4. Blank



FAVORITE THINGS OPTIONS:  *leave in comments beside name* 

1. Book, food, movie

2. Color, food, movie

3. Sport, food, movie

4. Custom — you choose 3! 


<<<If you do not specify any choices next to the child’s name, the first option in each category will be used on them! :) >>>

**************There is a 2-3 week turnaround time currently!*****************