Grateful journal

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((Lined insides — blank inside front cover. That’s just showing you what I’ve done to mine.))

***If you want your name or initials on the cover like I did mine, I’d love to add them for you! No charge. Just leave it in the comments exactly as you want it written!*** 

My grateful book! 😍🙌🏼 I got the idea about a month ago from listening to Rachel+Dave Hollis on their morning livestream. BRILLIANT!! I grabbed a blank journal, doodled it up and off I went! I’ve done it every single morning— and man. It’s a game-changer! 10 things. Every day! Big or small ... this is the place to name them all!!!! I’ve found myself looking for things to be grateful for all throughout the day. Mindset=❤️.

Even if you don’t order one or I’m sold out or whatever — I encourage you to grab a blank spiral and just start. Even if you start with 5. Begin naming things you’re grateful for.

Here, I’ll help you start:

1. Queso.

2. Dogs.

3. Fall TV lineup!

4. Snuggles with dogs while eating chips and queso + watching said tv shows. 😜