Gratitude Journal: TEAL COVER

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For those of us who love a good list and a quick little journal entry, THIS IS FOR YOU!! (And for me!!!) Daily entires are only 1 page long and it’s really the perfect amount of space. (If you get long-winded, no worries! Just carry on over to the next page!) A place for gratitude, prayers, intentions, and thoughts - this journal has the basics that you will grow to love.

Cheers to looking for good things to be grateful for, writing down our prayers, and spilling our guts! 💖


I have prayed over each of these journals... for each trial, joy, and prayer that will fill the pages. May this little book help us all in this amazing, insane, and wonderful adventure of life. :)

Be blessed~

ps. they're 6x9 and have 100 entry spaces!! 

•••if you want me to script the name inside of the journal in the "this journal belongs to" section, be sure to leave a comment telling me what the name is!!